Friday, September 26, 2008


The Debate is on! Awesome, I will be pulling up a couch and a glass or 8 of wine and enjoying the evening.

Speaking of debates, I wrote a completely non-partisan, unbiased, milk toast column today on the subject. Humor writing, it's what I try to do. Anyway, although I rarely cross-post, I did put this one up at The Times knowing full well that all of the crazies would come crawling out of their mothers' basements to comment because it hinted at politics.

I've learned over the last several years on this Internet thing that there are some people out there who read exactly what they want to, regardless of what the author's true and obvious intent was. And that the anonymity of the Internet provides cover for some real mean bastards.

So even though I made no political leaning in either direction, how much do you want to make a bet that at least 3 people call me bad names, 2 will cite bogus email rumors as sources, and 1 will offer to pray for the wickedness of my soul.

I'll bet you $700 billion....

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JODI said...

I skipped half the debate, took a detour to happy hour...happy the office staffe was, is. But I still reserve the right to write Paris Hilton in on my ticket--she made a nice bid on YouTube for the presidency. I havenever been so unhappy about casting my vote as I am this election.