Monday, June 02, 2008


Summer showed up today.

Spring was so yesterday with its mid 80 temps and somewhat lower humidity.

But not today. Today was that 90 something day that hurts your eyes when you open the door and burns the back of your thighs when you sit in the car. It was a day complete with street mirages and flushed faces. Heat lethargy. A real need for antiperspirant.

However, we risked 3rd degree burns and loss of our retinas so that the kids and I could make our first summer field trip to the paint your own pottery store. Big fun. Made birthday gifts for my Grandmother, and the kids painted undetermined ceramic animals. It took 3 hours. And cost $110. I'm freaking exhausted. And poor.

But a couple of the other goals of the summer were also completed. I wrote 2 more pages in the novel. Boys have dentist appointments tomorrow. (I don't know if I mentioned, but we're seeing every doctor/health professional I can think of in the next 2 months to take full advantage of insurance.) And tonight I will have cooked three nights in a row!

And so the season begins on a high (tempertaure, mileage and pricetag) note.


JODI said...

Did make time in your busy schedule today to watch (what feels tragic to this STL Blues house) the Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup? We got rabbit ears hooked up to the kitchen TV so we can watch and mourn.

Tracey said...

Stayed up (sort of)through the 3 OT's to watch the Penguins pull it out at like 1 am. Unbelieveable!

JODI said...

Isn't that fantastic! You did better than us, I slipped away at the 2OT when there was 11.32 on the clock. Some of us need more beauty sleep than others ;-)