Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home, reluctantly

Well. I'm home. And none too pleased about being on the mainland again.

Technically, I'm peninsula-side, but it's still not the same as island time. At all.

We had a fabulous time. Beyond fabulous, like crazy fantastublous. We spent 5 solid days on the beach collecting sand dollars and shark's teeth, playing in the waves, making sand castles, watching dolphins. We spent out nights with friends, eating great food, drinking island cocktails and watching sunsets. It was perfect. Jessie is completely blond, Amy learned to wade out pretty far in the surf, Matty is the color of hot chocolate, and Stevie put more miles on his bike than Lance Armstrong. If beachcombing was an Olympic event, I'd be a gold medalist. Sean won silver for lugging all of our equipment to the beach and back everyday.

We got home late yesterday but we'd all still be there if it weren't for that job-because-we-need-to-eat thing. Although if we could trade in all of these sand dollars for actual green ones, we could retire right now and be millionaires.

(These aren't all mine, I was just the banker for the team of diggers.)

And this is one of only 3 pictures I took the entire time. I hate bringing the camera to the beach for so many reasons, but my iPhone was handy one evening, so here you go. (If some of my more photogenic friends send me good ones, I'll post.)

Okay, let me go back into my decompression chamber so as to re-acclimate myself to land.



valerie said...

No more sunsets at Shark Tooth Beach for a while. We will have to settle for Honeymoon Island & Thirsty Thursdays.

By the way... Your pedicure rocks!

Tracey said...

Maybe we should throw some bottle caps or something into the pool on Thursday so our fabulous toes will have something to look for.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, beautiful photos! And I've never been to a place that has real sand dollars. I need to go!


Jill said...

Vacations are great... but I usually need another vacation to help recover from the first one!

Glad to hear it was fun!

Mama Ginger Tree said...

Does this mean we can't be friends since I don't like the beach? Actually, I like the beach. I just really hate sand.

Those sand dollars are fantastic though.

Tracey said...

We'll be bff's on the beach or in the mountains or on a barstool. :)