Monday, June 09, 2008

T - 3 Days...

It's Monday. We leave on Thursday for the annual best trip of the year. That means 3 days until my ass is on a deserted beach with only Tom Collins and Jose Cuervo keeping me company.

I'm kidding of course. My family will be there and about 20 others. It's awesome and I seriously cannot wait.

But, preparing for a vacation on an island where there is little by the way of amenities besides your condo refridgerator, makes packing for Palm Island an art form. We womenfolk have elevated the packing experience to an entire month-long event. If you run out of something or have to leave the island for some reason, it takes about 6 hours by ferry to get a gallon of milk or more vodka. But worse, it is considered a personal failure.

So to that end I will spend the next 3 days cooking, washing, packing, shopping, writing, organizing, washing, packing and more shopping so that I can do none of those things for 5 days straight.

I have 7 people (the Intern arrives tonight) in which to pack, shop, cook, and provide for every possible meal and situation. 3 meals x 7 people x 5 days + Happy Hours, rain days and sunburns is a mind-boggling algebraic equation that equals a whole lot of sangria and sunshine.

It is such a bargain.

Off to stuff some pasta shells.


Anonymous said...

Give my regards to the boys, Tom and Jose, and soak up some sun for those of us not fortunate enough for the deserted beach. Have fun! You've earned it, but we'll miss you!

uncouthheathen said...

I had to Google Palm Island and for a moment I thought you were packing up to go to Dubai. Have you seen their Palm Island? It's ten kinds of crazy.