Saturday, June 07, 2008

A new one on me

So Girl's weekend is going swimmingly--I'm getting a whole lot done, and we're having a fabulous time. I have a solid 1/3 of my novel complete!

So I am about to embark upon my evening eggplant parmesan project (as a recent recipient of about 20 farmer's market eggplants, an eggplant parmesan project would obviously follow) when there is a knock at the door.

Stupidly, I answer.

"So, are you interested in some furniture?"

"Excuse me?"

"Furniture. Brand new. 70% off retail. Right there in my truck."

Sure enough, there is a huge semi in the street right outside my front door.

Now I've chased away magazine salesmen. Super cleaning product salesmen. Meat and seafood vendors. Children with Christmas wreaths, candy, candles and cheese. But this is the first door-to-door furniture salesman I've come across.

"No, I think I'm all set on furniture. Thanks?"

"No problem."

He gets into his 18-wheeler and pulls next door.

I kid you not.

(I wonder if Mrs. Kravitz bought a settee or a china hutch...)


Amy said...

Those guys were here in NY a few weeks ago. I'd never seen such a thing but it was exactly as you described, a huge tractor trailer filled with furniture going door to door and trying to sell it at deep discounts. I wonder where they got it all from....

Mom o'Bean said...

That sounds very suspicious. Isn't it usually stuff that fell OFF the truck? Having said that, I do need a new cocktail table. Wonder if they'll be in the Baltimore area any time soon.

Tracey said...

I know--now that he and the big truck are gone, I'm totally second-guessing myself. It just might have been crazy enough to work...

Jenn And The City said...

Just found your blog, you are fabulous. Can't wait for the novel.

JODI said...

You will never believe but my BFF bought her dining room set from the door-to-door furniture salesman (in Chicago). It was furniture from a housing developement's model homes. She got a hell of a deal and the furniture was fantabulous.

Tracey said...

Did Geraldo come to her dining room and check if Jimmy Hoffa was buried in the armchairs?