Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer '08

Stick a fork in the second and sixth grades, they're done.

Woot! The boys graduated, and our first Happy Hour was a hit. If we keep up the pace we did last night by repeating our excess weekly until Labor Day, we will all be 20 pounds heavier, have rap sheets, cirrhosis of the liver and probably a nasty sunburn. But we will be happy and know all of the local gossip, so who really cares?

Here's a before picture:

I can't send the after because all of the ladies haven't signed their release forms yet, so maybe next week. But please note those fancy cupcake cones. I made them--it's a rare example of my baking efforts.

We had a full agenda on our first official full day off with speech, art, baby yoga, hockey...but the pace slows starting tomorrow. I swear. I am tagging this summer as one of the Written Word, and I'm going to be so prolific you won't be able to stand it. I'll have participles dangling from my fingertips and I'll diagram sentences during casual speech. I'll type all of my grocery lists in MS Word and I'll correct the spelling on license plates at red lights. And hopefully, by the end of Summer '08, I'll have a completed manuscript to go with that rap sheet and extra 20 l.b's.

Happy Summer to all of you whether written, spoken or blogged.

(I started here.)

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