Sunday, March 13, 2005

In the mean time

A few days after my first review was published and I was an instant local celebrity (I’m not even joking)--I got my first freelance assignment from the editor.

I was to conduct an interview and write a profile on a local resident, and then write a fairly long (900 words) article due in less than a week.

I felt so freelance-esque as I interviewed my subject at an outdoor café on Friday morning. People walked past with their latte grandes, secretly admiring the writer scribbling copious notes while laughing and pausing at all of the right moments. I should have worn a beret to complete the effect.

I finished it yesterday, and I will now send it off to my gracious subject for approval before turning it in (early) to the editor.

It was pretty cool, my friends.


Kathy said...

So who was the subject of your interview? When can we read it? and how can we read your review?

Tracey said...

Just a local guy who started his own jeans company. I'll link to the page when it comes out on the first of the month.