Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Monday

Easter started out non-traditionally, but we caught up on Sunday morning when the kids woke at the crack of dawn (I can’t get them up at 7 for school, yet they will rise at 6 when chocolate is involved) and found their baskets. Turns out Amy loves jellybeans, and the boys only wanted to microwave the Peeps.

We dressed up and made it to Mass, where they all behaved themselves very well. It was hot, so I only managed a few pictures before they stripped and went straight to the pool. I don’t blame them.

Dad and Maryann were here, and it was a relaxing afternoon before a big dinner with all of the trimmings on the good china. I love those kinds of dinners.

The weekend ended very nicely after a rocky start. The kids are off this week--they are blissfully and finally sleeping in at the moment—but I think we’ll find stuff to do around here for this vacation.

I hope everyone else had a very nice Easter.

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