Thursday, March 24, 2005

At The Car Wash

As more of a treat to my father than to myself; I had the car detailed this morning.

Since he is here for a visit, I thought I’d accomplish multiple goals with this pursuit:

1) Actually make room in the car for additional passengers amongst the juice boxes, toys and Junior Mints, and 2) thwart his ultimate pet peeve--a dirty car.

I should have done before he got here though.

The car spent 45 minutes getting vacuumed. I’m sure the first couple broke down on the absolute quantity of crumbs to deal with. It had to go through the car wash twice to remove the pollen and bird excrement cocktail that layered it. It spent another hour getting the interior wiped down, including the grisly deed of cleaning the cup holders which had to be pried out of their sticky perches with a crow bar.

So, after waiting for at length at the car wash, paying a handsome sum for the deluxe service and tipping an even more handsome sum, we return to the gleaming automobile.

However, as a result from the immense amount of time it took to achieve a passable grade from the Health Department, the battery died in the parking lot.

Oh, the shame.

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