Monday, March 21, 2005

Here She Goes....

I’ve spent the morning enraged.

I’ve taken out this anger in the form of scathing emails to politicians, newspapers and friends (look for it in your inbox soon) whom I hope will share my disgust.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard of the Terri Schiavo case, and if you haven’t, well, congratulations on finding the media vacuum, and please send directions on how I can get there.

This woman has been in this “persistent vegetative state” for 15 years. Her case has been in the Florida courts for the past 7. 19 other judges have contemplated it. The Supreme Court has ruled on it. The hatchet job legislation Jeb Bush tried to pass last year has been overturned by his own lame legislature and the Florida Supreme Court. It has been decidedly debated and deemed that it is time to remove this poor woman’s feeding tube, and let her die according to her wishes.

The religious right has hijacked this woman’s life to force its own agenda. President Bush thought it necessary to conduct this joke piece of legislation in the wee hours of a weekend, (yet he continues to let the war in Iraq smolder) to completely abandon all precepts of checks and balances, separation of church and state, and walk all over the Bill of Rights and any privacy laws that he can warp in the meantime.

I’m sickened by the whole circus. Her husband has insisted from the beginning that she never wanted to be kept alive by artificial means. His story rings true when you consider that he could have relinquished custody to her parents years ago, sparing himself the countless hours of anguish, numerous death threats and thousands in medical care and exhaustive legal costs to fight for her wishes.

No, as a matter of fact, I’m not done, but I will take a break to go sign another online petition.

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