Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Round-Up

As part of my voracious reading period, I feel compelled to comment here on every book I read. I apologize. I will be brief.

After picking up John le Carre’s latest, Absolute Friends, and then giving it a brief respite in the middle to read another, I am ultimately glad I resumed as I was handsomely rewarded. Known for his mater spy novels, Absolute Friends was a touch more political--downright bold--in its timely plot and narrative. It was an old colonial war dressed up as a crusade for Western life and liberty, and it was launched by a clique of war-hungry Judeo-Christian geopolitical fantasists who hijacked the media and exploited America’s post-9/11 psychopathy. Did I mention this was a work of fiction? I loved this book.

Other Life Details:

1) Baseball for the boys in full swing. That means nearly every night is spent at the fields. 2 games per week, 1 practice per child. That’s a lot of time in the bleachers. I’m trying to readjust our evening schedule to accommodate. We now eat dinner at 3:30.

2) I’m trying to rid the house of the germ that has permeated the women folk of the family. We’re both on antibiotics, and I’m bleaching everything to spare the boys the hacking and sneezing.

3) My first book review was published this week--and barring some minor editing details--it went well. I’ve got a few more irons in the fire that I’m not banking on, but at least I’m bettering my odds.

Well, that is all for the blog de jour. Have a nice weekend, strangers.

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