Monday, May 19, 2008

A non-partisan post

So, I've been thinking of easy ways to cut back on needless expenses during this "tight economy" or "rough patch" or whatever George is not calling a recession.

And I've come up with one cutback that I plan to stick to.

I am eliminating all contributions to candidates this election year.

In years past, I've been quite generous with my support. I'm even on a top individual donor list for my county--which explains the 10 weekly calls I get from solicitors. I have voted in every single election from President to dog catcher, and I think the only one that has counted since I moved to this state in 2000 was when I mistakenly voted for Buchanan.

But this year, please do not expect my finiancial support. As a Florida voter, I have grown quite weary of not only being disenfranchised routinely, but for that vote to then be ceremoniously pissed on by both parties. I won't be paying for that privlidge.

Oh yeah, and Republicans--don't expect a dime from me either. It was your fiscally irresponsible administration that led to the need for this decision in the first place.

I'm shopping for shoes made in Canada instead.


Jill said...

Wow - good for you! Coming from someone whose hubby works for the government, let's just hope that everyone else votes in this upcoming election and helps get us out of the mess we're in!

Tracey said...

Oh, I'll vote. I just won't be writing any more checks. :)

I will always vote, even in this state where it doesn't get counted.

Zen said...

Greetings, hallucinations and utmost agreement from Palm Beach County, the land of the butterfly ballot and dangling chad.