Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alternative Titles for this Post


*It’s only half of a tank.

*I can’t afford to vote Republican this November.

*Turns out, you can’t live in your car after foreclosure.


*Shell Posts Record Profits This Quarter--Thanks to Me

*Did I mention this isn’t even a full tank?

*I remember back in ‘aught 7 when gas was $2.50 a gallon and I drove you to school.

*It’s probably safe for Walgreen’s to put the Sudafed back on the shelves, but they may want to lock up the Petroleum Jelly and Oil of Olay.



PinksandBluesGirls said...

Love it!!

JODI said...

Remember when your parents voted for Carter and we all sat in line at the pumps? That was the year everyone said we can't afford to vote democrat. To simply put it--politics suck! You on the other hand, are so dam funny you make all seem okay.

Esther said...

Well, on the other hand; it can get worse. I'm not sure how much a gallon is these days, about 4,4 litres?

1 litre on this side of the world is about 1 euro 50. That makes a gallon about 7 euro a gallon, which makes it about 16 dollars. (oh my; it would have cost you about 336 dollars, if you were to buy all this gas in Holland.

As I said before; it can get so much worse... (But I feel for you, i really do)

ZenballWizard said...

Why I drive a Hyundai

Carl said...

Why I drive a Hyndai

...and why I drive a Honda. Ouch!

Tracey said...

Okay, so I will not be buying gas in Holland nor will I be voting for Carter in '08...

But I'm glad you all stopped by becasue during my makeover I lost some URL's and now I can add ya'll back in.