Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There are tumbleweeds blowing across my keyboard

If I had the time, I work on my time management skills.

This is the first time I've sat down to my desk in at least 2 weeks. I've cleared a path through the Webkinz trading cards to reach the keyboard, since that's all this computer has been used for lately. To say I'm behind is such a gross understatement, that it is libelous. Seriously. I've forgotten how to write. And spell.

I must now commence on writing about the monthly meeting last night that I vowed not to blog about--1000 words on freaking driveway maintenance options--and I'm already dreading opening that hideous blank Word document to begin.

But the good news is that I have cleared the calendar today of all guests, errands, sacraments, laundry, parties, appointments and medically necessary bodily functions so that I can catch up. I have chained myself to this desk with a dictionary and a pot of coffee. I will not move until every blessed deadline is met.

I hope Jessie doesn't need a diaper change today, and if she does, it will have to be in the middle of the driveway as I do research.

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