Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Blog Love

I cannot tell you how happy I am that a 3 day weekend is staring me in the face. If I don't sleep in within the next 15 hours, I will go absolutely mad.

I worked hard this week. I ran around like a lunatic carting kids to various lessons and activities, I filmed stuff, and I even went to the dentist--something that I HATE. I wrote a column. I cooked, cleaned, and went to Baby Yoga. I got in in every last assignment on behalf of my kids, and planned the summer for at least the first month. Yay me. I need a vacation.

So I'll probably be grilling, chilling, drinking, sleeping, drinking, swimming, writing, drinking and more drinking this weekend, so blogging somehow doesn't make it on the list. But I thought I would leave you with some blog love to read over if you have the inclination and find yourself looking for new material since this will most likely be it for me for a few days.

Okay, here's some fun folks to check out:

One of my bff's ( Backwash friend forever) BlueEyedPhoenix, just landed his first full feature in Travel+Leisure magazine. I'm insanely jealous, but happy to have known him when he was a mere caricature.

My friend Zen--also of Backwash fame--has started a new blog on addiction here. (Disregard half of my weekend activity if you must before reading.)

My Disney Mom gal pals have been quite busy. There are like tons of contest and prizes they're giving away. For instance, wanna Wii Fit? Check out Cooper's site, Been There, for a chance to win.

And my friend Gabrielle from Design Mom as well as the site formerly known as Skirt, has just changed names and domains to It is like for have got to check it out!

More Disney Mom shout outs to cuz Christine deserves mad blog love this week. And don't forget my girl Kris at Cleverparents--I miss her adorable cleverness. And Lori of Just Pure Lovely has some educational books to giveaway on her new educational blog Freely Educate.

I know I'm missing a lot more love, a lot more blogosphere news, so I'll catch those next week. Maybe we can establish a Friday tradition of just sharing fun from our cyber friends.

Happy looonnnngggg weekend, ya'll.


Just Pure Lovely said...

Hey! I have a bit of love, just posted minutes ago:

It's a giveaway for 10 books on my new educational blog.

-- Lori Seaborg, one of the Disney divas . Hmm, we should register that name!
p.s. I love your blog look!

Clever Parents said...

Awww. Thanks for the mention. Loved the pics from Matty's confirmation. You're the adorable one, by the way.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? You don't like me??? *cries*