Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Suburban Diva and the Temple of Doom

So last night after the gym, Sean says, “Let’s go see a movie.”

I am momentarily confused by this request since I see no children with us, and this has not been our custom since 1993.

But we go, and unfortunately the movie he wants to see--Vegas--doesn’t start for another 90 minutes, so we decide on Indiana Jones. Cuz who doesn’t love him/herself some Harrison Ford?

So after 25 minutes of previews, the movie begins and I watch with excited anticipation. I have fond memories of this movie, and since it was probably the last non-animated feature I’ve seen in a theater, it was an appropriate choice.

Except for the fact that it sucked.

As I’m watching Mr. Ford deliver the same lines, do the same stunts and follow pretty much the same story, I realize that this movie was designed for an older audience.

And then I realize that that means me! I am the older audience!

I hate this. I was freaking seven when Han Solo was introduced to big screen. How does this happen? Why is this being dumbed down for my benefit? Sure, I still think Indiana is a dish. For like 68 or whatever. I mean its not like I want to sit on his lap and tell him what I want for Christmas, but we’re really not that far. And just because he’s shagging Calista Flockart--well, I still felt like I was 107 watching that movie.

Oy. I’m sticking to Kung Fu Panda or whatever the next Jack Black flick is.


Kristyn said...

This is very disappointing to hear because I actually really wanted to see it and I really wanted it to be just like the old ones. Sex In The City better be good. I have a babysitter being paid for that one on Friday afternoon! Shhh....don't tell my hubby :)

Jill said...

It's hearing reviews like this that make me feel much better that I don't get out to see movies as often as I'd like.

Sorry it sucked - but thanks for the heads up!