Monday, April 28, 2008

Reverse Deja Vu

Yesterday I had a reverse deja vu.

After a full day of hockey and parties, Stevie and I bagged the banquet and went out to dinner together instead. One of the many reasons I love that kid, is that he eats so well. And anything. Always has. So he chooses the Thai place because he wants sushi. What's not to love?

So we are sitting in our ornate booth munching on panang chicken when two older ladies come in and sit in the booth behind us. I can't see them, but I can hear every word.

The one is launching into a well-rehearsed diatribe about a mutual friend, "Helen." It seems Helen is cheap, annoying, anti-social, and a liar. (I feel a pang for Helen when I hear that they won't stop on their way to the theater to get her ice cream.) Anyway, in addition to Helen's many faults, she also must be a piss-poor Bridge player, because one of them says this:

She wouldn't play with their group because they played the trump card with the diamond bust.

I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I could hear myself saying it 40 years from now.

I wrote it down on the back of my Bruce Springsteen ticket sub with the sushi pencil so I would remember it when I'm 70.


Karen said...

Love the new look! and ...Happy Birthday - early!

Kris said...

40 years from now? Are you kidding me?? I think you'll be saying it in 6.

Love, Kris

Trisha said...

I love the logo and the background, it all looks amazing! Where did the book titles go? I need them!

Tracey said...

Thanks, I'm still adding all of my decoration, but I love the new diva digs!

K--w/e, Helen.

dcrmom said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to the blogroll! So glad you like the new digs. This is one of my favorites, I think. :-)

And I heart Bruce. I've been to like five of his concerts in the last few years.

uncouthheathen said...

Man, I wish I overheard conversations like that. Maybe I need to move to Florida.