Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh what fun, Jessie is one

Woo hoo!! Jessica is one and we got a raise! Read about that here....

But we spent our first week's formula savings on this party last night. The theme was pink. It was awesome.

Jessica appreciated it.

As did her siblings

Birthday dress

And me and my girl (fierce do)

All I want for my birthday is my two bottom teeth. (Good thing)


Trisha said...

Your hair looks amazing in that picture! I absolutely love it! Happy Birthday to Jessie, she is the cutest pink birthday baby ever!

JODI said...

Fierce hair and....FIERCE CAKE! Happy 1st Birthday Jessica aka Matty's clone

Tracey said...

Thanks, girls. Jessie is definitely the blonde version of Matty--and I am the brunette version of my former self. :)

Natalie (BSM) said...

Happy Birthday Baby Diva!! It looks like you all had an amzaing time!! And what a beautiful pink cake!!! Yummy!