Monday, April 07, 2008

Deliciously Snarky

That was the headline, "Deliciously snarky Suburban Diva Blogs on in Safety Harbor."

Oh, you have no idea.

Because as I was feeling pretty giddy about my little article this weekend, it seems some idiot(s) weren't so generous, and then felt the need to comment online. And I realize there are some people out there who just suck.

Now, my friends--and if you are reading this blog than you must be that, right?--you don't have to like me. You don't have to think I'm funny or clever or even a mediocre writer. You don't have to appreciate the happenstance career hobby that comes last on my list of things to do in a day, but that somehow has developed into something special for me nonetheless. You don't have to get me or it. You are entitled to that opinion.

You can choose not to buy my book. You can choose not to read my column. You can ignore my blog.

But there is one thing you can't do.

You can't comment on my family. You can't comment on the size of it, or whether you think I am entitled to another or have too many. You cannot comment either way on my fertility. It is absolutely none of your business, and don't think for 1 minute that 300 words in a newspaper gives you any glimpse into who I am. What I value. WHOM I value.

Because I do not value anyone who says, "heard of birth control?"

I value those beings generated from this "baby maker machine" and the only reason I am commenting on this here is because I find the comments so unbelievably insulting, that I don't even understand them. Seriously. I didn't ask anyone to pay for their groceries. I didn't ask anyone to babysit them. I didn't ask you to donate to my diaper fund. (I take PayPal) My husband and I have been blessed with 4 beautiful, amazing, healthy children that I thank God for everyday.

I thank God for them, and refuse to apologize to anyone else. How dare you imply that I somehow did something wrong.

That's why I'm so bothered by that. And I know the only apropos response is no response and a huge, "whatever."

So today I'm snarky, but tomorrow I'll be delicious again. Fergilicious even.


VB said...

Hey Diva,from one "baby-making machine" to another, you want I should bring my seven kids over and we rough up some of them people who were so mean? If you read those comments attached to ANY article in the SPT, there are way too many people with too much time and too little sense! I am amazed some of them actually know how to operate a computer.

Tracey said...

You know somethin', VB. You are absolutely right.

I had not considered that the typical poster on those articles generally don't enjoy opposable thumbs, and anyone who says, "baby maker machine" and "heard of birth control" in 2008 has about as much intelligence and class as a doorknob.

And I apologize to doorknobs everywhere.

Thanks VB, bring those 7 kids over and put things into proper perspective anytime. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, As a father of 6, I've heard it all, from "stupid" to "selfish". Keep up the good work! James

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness- I can't believe anyone would be so hurtful and rude! I hope you don't let those things get to you- because you got it going on and you know it! : ) I can't wait to meet you and am really looking forward to talking to you about big families specifically! With a fourth on the way, I'm THRILLED to have other big-family-Mamas to chat it up with.


Anonymous said...

I only wish I could be a baby-making machine like you.

Tracey said...

Thanks for the support all. I needed it!