Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 2 of Disney


6:42 a.m.

It's early, but I get in that shower and panic for a moment that a baby monitor isn’t on. Then I remember that I don’t have one this weekend.

We eat a light breakfast in a private meeting room at the hotel. Another Disney cast member has joined us to answer any questions we may have and share some insider tips.

Does anyone have any questions?

This is like asking a room full Kindergartners if they need more glue. Or members of an AA meeting if they need more coffee. Or a group of Mommy bloggers if they have any questions.

We’ve got lots.

Again, I start to doubt the purpose of my presence here because the group is asking really intelligent and insightful questions about healthy dining options, food allergies and recycling programs. I just want to know why Mickey wears pants, and Donald doesn’t. (Thanks to my esteemed reader TwithHoney for that submitted question.) So I hold back, but absorb the very interesting discussion.

9:00: We head on over to the Magic Kingdom for a little photo shoot (will I ever shake the paparazzi??) and some riding time. We do Space Mountain, the newly refurbished Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean with Kris and her baby, Charles, who has accompanied us on our trip. I think Charles thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to Disney World. He even got his first pair of mouse ears.

12:00: Back on the bus to head on over to Hollywood Studios (which used to be called MGM Studios until a month ago which thoroughly confused me for a day and a half) We have lunch at the Brown Derby and it is delicious. I didn’t think I would ever be able to eat again after Italy, but I make a good old college try at the Cobb Salad which is bigger than the Epcot Ball.

Then we get a sneak peak at a new ride, “Toy Story Mania.” It is still under construction, the press hasn’t even seen it yet, (I just scooped Matt Lauer!) but we get a tour of it and a whole description from the “Imagineers” who created it. It was so cool to walk through an active construction site of a Disney ride. I resist the urge to sign my name in the wet cement.

We round out the afternoon with Studio sights, and Kris and I think the margaritas look particularly festive.

5:45: Meeting in the lobby of the hotel in our fancy non-Mom clothes. We’re wearing skirts and open-toed shoes. And lipstick. There is not an elastic waistband to be found. We are gorgeous. I dare you to say we aren‘t. (We’ll only blog about you later.)

We walk outside to board the bus, but no. No bus. Instead, three white stretch limos wait with champagne being uncorked. We climb in as though we are used to traveling in such a fashion, and no one even pretends to buckle their seat belts. (We are seriously getting used to this whole non-Mom thing.)

The limos take us over to the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. We enter a side door of the restaurant only to find that we are not dining amongst others, but rather a full 6 course meal in a private room on the roof of the hotel over looking Cinderella’s castle. There is an open bar. There is sushi. There is the executive chef from Epcot sitting at my table. There is no menu.

Instead, plate after plate after plate comes out with some of the most delicious food I’ve eaten. The courses are beautiful and I almost hate to deconstruct the lovely presentations, but I get over it and plow through each dish and stop short of dropping my face right into the molten chocolate cake. Not out of ettiquette, but because I'm afraid I'll burn my nose.

We step out onto the balcony and look out over all of Disney World. Kris asks why I know so much about Disney, and that is when I have to sheepishly admit that when we called last for our reservations, they said that was our 67th time.


“67?? How is that even possible?” Maria Bailey asks as she laughs so hard I think she might tumble down and impale herself on one of the spires on the castle.

I don’t admit that that was only on-property stays.

8:45: Back in the limos for our ride to Cirque du Soleil--La Nouba. We kill the remainder of the champagne.

This show is amazing. And intense. After, we get treated to meeting two of the talented performers, and again I know I am way out of my league. Example question from my way more art appreciative friends: I am sensing some powerful themes throughout the show, what does it mean to you?

Example of a Suburban Diva question: Given the whole Mickey/Donald pants issue, would the same fashion rules apply to tutus?

So as not to embarrass the group and myself, I again keep this to myself.

11:44: Back at the hotel I passed out exhausted on my big bed after partying like a blog star.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh you are too funny. And I must correct you- there WAS an elastic waistband to be found on my maternity skirt. But hey, I was still sexay!


Marybeth said...

Oh the Mickey Donald pants thing just cracked me up...
you probably didn't notice but I didn't ask a single question the whole weekend. Not one. I just listened intelligently and nodded affirmatively like they had just asked the question I was going to ask.
And also, I did not take notes. Though I totally admired the girls who did. I vaguely thought about how nice it would have been to have a notebook and some sort of writing utensil on my person. And that was the end of that.

Glad to be in such good company among the slackard blog star category. But hey, I can hobble with the best of em! And that is my claim to fame for this weekend. Some people have 67 trips to Disney, others can say they made the whole weekend wearing a most attractive boot. We all do what we can to contribute.

dcrmom said...

Friggin hilarious! Almost as good as the t-shirt story in the limo. ;-)

Kristyn said...

I feel like I am reading a fantasy book....excuse me while I close my eyes and pretend that I was there!

Natalie (BSM) said...

LOL.... I am dying laughing!!! You are too funny! Love reading your accounts of the weekend :) So does this mean, we still don't know why Mickey wears pants and Donald doesn't :) Hehe

twithhoney said...

Alas, I guess I'll just have to start planning my next Disney vacation so I can ask Donald myself.

Manic Mom said...


So this means this visit was your 68th?

What happens when you get 69?!?!!?


And where is a photo of the dinner courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INSANELY JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JODI said...

Being that is offically TV Free Week-- I am soaking in my daily dose of the Diva's Disney trip like it is a mini series on the Lifetime channel; desperately waiting for the next segment.

...and to think I was slightly embarrassed to admit to folks that we have been to Disney eight times...your 68 takes the cake. LOL

Tracey said...

Okay--lemme was the 67th night since 2001. Not, 67 individual visits.

I know that makes no difference in the scheme of things. I am still a nut job.

It was a really awesome weekend, working on Sunday's wrap up now...I won't have anything to write about after today. :(

1-66 weren't that funny.

Kris said...

I, too, have been hung up on the whole 67 thing. (And, like she says, that's only 'in park' stays. So the 5487 times they stayed at the camping grounds can just be our little secret.)

But, I miss my new BFF. Who knew that a couple of days sans kids (well, Charles was there, but he's a baby and a third, so it felt like traveling light) I'd walk away with such a buddy? I miss my Suburban Diva already.

Margaritas, anyone?