Thursday, April 24, 2008

Disney Day 3--The Finale


6:42 a.m. : Please just 5 more minutes of sleep….Please….

6:51: I’ll wear my hair up and sleep for 5 more minutes.

6:58: It’s not like no one will notice I’m still in my pajamas. If Donald doesn’t wear pants, than I certainly don’t have to waste the time putting them on.

7:30: I am on time for our character breakfast. My hair is still slightly wet, but I am on time. We have breakfast and get our pictures taken with characters, because it’s a character breakfast after all.

We meet up with some more Disney folks who give us more tips. Kris and I have started to ask the others Moms to record those tips on video camera so we can share them in a fun way when we get back. They should be fun.

9:00 or something. We head on over to the All-Star Music hotel to tour some of the family suites they have just renovated. Cool, affordable, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, living room suites for those of us with larger families.

We head back to the hotel and people are leaving at different times, so we’re a little melancholy saying good-bye. It takes us 3 1/2 hours.

I pack up and check out. Since I’m driving, I load up the car, and then go back in to do some souvenir shopping for the kids and get 1 hour of pool time. (I spend $84 on said souvenirs, which is the only time I pulled out my wallet all weekend. 2 of the most expensive items get mysteriously disappear from the bag, but Matty and Sean don’t believe that it was their presents that got stolen. :( )

I sit with MaryBeth and Kris in lounge chairs around the sandy bottom, lazy river pool and we agree on several things:

1) The amount of emails passed the week before between us on what shoes we were allowed to take was completely warranted. 7+ pairs each for 2 days is completely reasonable.

2) We will never be able to blog completely about all that has happened--but we sure will use up the entire Internet trying. (Sorry if anyone had online banking or school research to do this week.)

3) At first, Disney without children seemed a little strange. But after 17 bottles of wine in Italy, no double-stroller collapsing on a crowded tram, and no waiting in line for characters (they came to us) I could get a little used to this.

4) You can indeed eat 17 desserts at one sitting and still be hungry for more 3 hours later.

5) 67 times really isn’t that freakish when you consider it was 67 nights since 2001. (Okay, Kris and Marybeth did not really agree to this statement but I really need some reinforcement here. Either that or information on their frequent flyer on Space Mountain program.)

6) We have met and enjoyed some of the most creative, intelligent, beautiful women in the blogosphere, and we are all better for it.

10:34 p.m. After reuniting with a patient husband, 4 wonderful kids, and 1 stupid dog over a belated birthday dinner and stories galore, I pass out on my big (and crowded) bed exhausted after partying like a blog star.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Again- another awesome recap! I never once sat by the pool and as I unpacked my swimsuit when I got home I actually felt the biggest sigh of relief that I never had to put it on!


Kris said...

I'm with you on the Day 3 slack-down. I finally allowed myself to show up 5 minutes late... it is vacation afterall, right?

By the way, you look adorable with Goofy.


Elizabeth said...

Your post recaps are hilarious! I'm all "we did this, then this, then this", and you're so funny about it!

And if anyone ever asks me how many pairs of shoes they need to take on a trip to Disney, I'm going to tell them "WAY MORE than you think you'll need". Because my feet HURT by Sunday!

Tracey said...

Ya'll were so much fun. Thanks for a great trip.

JODI said...

This was all much for me to take
;-) ... I had to ease the pain by attending happy hour after work...which rolled into dinner, which rolled into whatever comes after was like Disney at the local Mexican cantina

I enjoyed enjoying your adventure!

Dave said...

I've never had a desire to go to Disney, until now. How do I go about receiving the royal treatment without having children to leave behind?

Tracey said...

Blog about having to change a neighbors' kid's diaper or something.

I'll meet you by the Teacups.