Monday, January 14, 2008

Hockey, Puke and Football

So the boys started hockey on Friday...

I say that the boys started hockey, but what I really meant was that I started to cold and rapid descent into an expensive and bulky hell. Could we have found a sport with more equipment requirements? Seriously. Times 2.

I was almost in tears as I tried to lace up Matty's skates while holding the baby and rocking Amy in the stroller back and forth in 28 degree temperatures. And when I say stroller, I mean the double stroller which is my outward sign that I am miserable. But I couldn't even fit both girls in with all of the pads, socks, helmets, skates, cups and other various and sundry protective gear that they have to wear. So it was like pushing a Volkswagen with a hockey stick in your eye. So. Not. Fun.

But the boys enjoyed it, so again, macaroni art and frostbite because I love my kids.

But I will blame the rink for the sickness of the girls. It is only fair. Jessie has actually been sick for a week, but nothing bothers her so I didn't take her to the doctor until this morning when her nose fell off. But Amy started with a fever on Friday and deteriorated rapidly to 2 all-nighters and a puke session this morning. I knew she was pretty bad off when she actually gave me her blanket to wash. Usually I have to sneak it from her arms while she sleeps and even then she mourns its absence in her dreams.

So the doctor said that Amy is sick, but no infection--i.e. no relief--and Jessie has a double ear infection. Of course she does.

So we were lethargic this weekend. We watched football and putzed around and I wrote a little, but read more. I am reading, "Eat, Pray, Love," by Liz Gilbert, and I must tell you, it's amazing. I will finish it tonight but don't really want it to end. I highly recommend this one.

Okay, off to wash something.

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