Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chapter 1--Apples

In the midst of all this life going on, I managed to complete Chapter One of Novel Incomplete.

*dramatically wipes brow*

I'm not saying it is perfect or won't go through many complete overhauls in its lifetime, but I feel like I've polished a slightly bruised apple and asked for you to eat around the over ripe parts until I can properly cut them out and make a pie.

I feel like the first chapter is the hardest because besides the idea, plot, characters, dialogue and a million details that you never stopped to consider, tone is so vitally important to establish immediately. Both for the reader and the writer. And since I only have one of those at the moment, it was really gratifying to pen those initial pages.

I hope Chapter 2 is as inspiring, and thinking that it really could be.

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