Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Turn back time for a minute

Turn back the blog clocks to circa the end of November. Filter past posts of New Year's, Christmas, writing epiphanies and contests. Even before long, tortuous car ride, before turkey and pumpkin pie. It is November 19 in Tampa at the St. Pete Times Forum, and the Diva family is attending the Hannah Montana concert.

So my achy-breaky heart was breakin' because here I was at Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter's concert. Hello?? How old am I that I worked HIS show back in '89 when he was the hottest mullet-wearing guy in music? But now his kid has that title (sans mullet but blonde wig) so we took our kids to the hottest ticket in the world right now.

And can I just tell you how impressed I was?

Well, I will anyway. We went to the Meet and Greet before the show. Amazing opportunity. Everyone was so gracious and that 14 year old girl is about as poised and kind as could be. She signs autographs and poses for pictures before she goes out and performs a marathon of singing and dancing and about 117 costume changes before a sold out show. I don't think I've changed my outfit that many times in the last 6 months, let alone 1 1/2 hours...

But back to Miley Cyrus. My kids were pretty darn impressed, too.

And maybe I'm not that old...

But then again, maybe I am.

So there are 4 of the 78 pictures I took that night. So now I am going to arrange them all in this MyConcert Memory Book so they can have photographic proof that they were part of the hottest show ever. Ever.

(And you should check out this site, too. You can create your own book for your kids, and there are other activities that they can print out and have fun with, too.)

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JODI said...

By the looks of the pic Stevie was the hottest ticket that night ;-) You go boy!