Friday, January 04, 2008

A few of my favorite Christmas gifts in photos

The first was an early gift from Santa himself who brought us a load of the white stuff in our Florida yard. It was only about 80 degrees that December day. (It always brings out the neighbor kids, too.)

And how could I not give the obvious caption to this precursor picture, "All I want for Christmas is my..."

Seeing Amy dressed in her Christmas dress including tights and shoes! was a huge gift as well. Although for her, not so much.

Although I didn't get any clothes this year, my children got some adorable outfits, and I love that. Here's big Jessie in this little Land's End number. Not pictured is her cute backside with ruffled tights. Again, the pink suede shoes that were actually worn by a child of mine--huge bonus.


JODI said...

You know I read minds, especially in photos...Amy is saying "Momma pink velour with fur trim,this is Florida. How about next year a Christmas dress fashioned of red satin with cap sleeves...then Momma, then the tights and shoes won't seem so bad"

Honestly I LOVE photos of Amy dreading being all guissed up. The photos make me chuckle as someday she will love being a girl and getting all dressed up. It happens at around age 13.

Manic Mom said...

Love the pictures!!! And the commentary that goes along with it!


Tracey said...

Amy picked that dress out by herself!!!I had a handful of adorable classic red satiny things picked out that did not bear Dora the Explorer in the front, but she won. I figured it was my only shot at having a fully dressed child at church.

Only 9 years to go...

Thanks for stopping by Manic! I'll see you in the breakroom at our mutual place of business!

JODI said...

Okay just like Slyvia Brown I make occasional mistakes in mindreading. I believe the photo really is saying..."MOM WHAT WAS I THINKING? Velour and fur trim! Next year mom do not let me win." However I love that the fashion industry won over Amy by simply applquing Dora--market guinesses! I'll personally keep track of the next nine years and alert when feminine fiesta begins--for Amy.