Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here's Victoria's Secret--It's expensive!

Last night's Tuesday Date Night with Myself was more like a lesson in economics than a shopping spree. Only it must have been taught in pig Latin, because how else do you explain why I paid $16 for a pure cashmere sweater but $43 for a bra?

But at least I have collected the missing wardrobe pieces for our All-Star weekend. I must admit, I am a little psyched. I love this stuff. And to top it off, I found this nifty little black, lacy, baby-doll dress that is absolutely adorable to wear to the big party on Saturday that the Intern has most kindly agreed to watch my children so that I can go to a fancy party wearing a nifty little, black, lacy, baby-doll, dress.

And now off to the gym so that I can fit into said dress.

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