Thursday, January 03, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

It feels like we've been gone a month, but it was really only a couple of days. But maybe because we passed through another New Year, the temperature dropped 30 degrees in one day and all of the Christmas decorations came down in about 2.6 minutes, is why it feels so much longer.

But it was a great few days, my friends. As a documented New Year's Eve hater, this one was near perfect. We were together with good friends in a beautiful (and HUGE!) hotel suite, playing board games, eating great food with the kids while watching the numerous fireworks displays from our balcony. Perfect.

The rest of our stay was cold, but tons 'o teeth-chattering fun. My kids do not appreciate cold weather. They must wear much more clothing they are not used to, includingshoes, a particularly despised accessory. But ehy had fun, and I even got treated to a spa evening, and really, what better way to dance into 2008 with pedicured toes?

And now that the worst job of the entire season is over--even beating out a trip to the post office or Fresh Market on Christmas Eve--the undecking of the halls; we can enjoy these last few days of freedom and depressurizing the cabin before new routines begin on Monday. I am uncharacteristically excited and inspired.


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