Thursday, February 15, 2007

I really don't care how much it costs

I am currently doing the advanced math on paying an embarrassing amount of money for a dog trainer to come in and help me train this freaking needle-tooth dervish--or whatever breed she really is--or paying to replace the carpets,(she is now chewing holes in the middle of the floor) all of my shoes, (she doesn't chew in pairs, only singles, of course) our clothes, (they all have holes in them at nose height) and child limbs (prosthetics might be expensive, but at least I'll save in Band-Aids and Neosporin.)

Dog trainer it is, then.


Jodi said...

Since our puupy dog has taken to self serving herself over-the-counter medication can you send that trainer our way when you are finished?

Manic Mom said...

Hi Suburban Diva--

My best friend's mother just sent me the article about you that ran in the CHicago Tribune. She knew I would enjoy and wrote in her note: "I thought of you... you could be another suburban diva from the midwest!"

Congrats on the book--I had not heard of it but will check it out.

Anyway, it does sound like a lot of our philosophies on motherhood are similar!

Take care!

Manic Mommy
Stephanie Elliot

Tracey said...

Hello Manic Mom! Will your best friend's mother adopt me? How wonderfully generous.

I love your blog, maybe we were separated at birth? ;) I will add you to my blog roll....