Saturday, February 17, 2007


I feel as though I need to give a shout out to my new friends in Chicago. For some strange--but fascinatingly delicious--reason, The Chicago Tribune ran my story this week, complete with the picture of me looking like a stroke victim.

So, um, hello. I'm Tracey, Sub D, and in addition to all of the things you already know about me, I am a Taurus and I like long walks on the beach.

And you?


Shari Schroeder said...

Wow--I feel as if I'm looking into a computer screen here. Everyone has a twin? How 'bout an evil twin of sorts. This is SheShe from the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. Enjoyed reading the Tribune article while sipping my Cafe Latte Venti at Star*ucks while Preschool Devo was in class. The barrista couldn't keep his eyes off me, oh, wait, it was a girl with a hairy upper lip. Anyway, darling, please keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Jodi said...

Hey Trace--now that you're becoming so famous will you still remember us little people...if I slip my paper to be autographed under the public bathroom stall you are occupying will you sign it for me (or be annoyed)?

Really, Congrats!

Tracey said...

Hey, keep your hands off of my hairy-lipped barrista--that's the most action I get in a week. ;)

Greetings! Glad you stumbled upon me and thanks for reading, Evil Twin. I think there was a nest of diva eggs fed on lattes and martinis which must have fell from its perch resulting in our delicious existence.

P.S. "Devo," is that the masculine form of "Diva?"

Tracey said...

Thanks, Jodi. And who are you kidding? Neither one of us would be caught dead in a public restroom... ;)

Manic Mom said...

Diva, Manic here! Thanks for the interesting things you sent in for the contest. I especially want to know more about the "Ice-Capades!"