Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl

Although our family considers Super Bowl Sunday to be an almost religious holiday, that is not the reason why I didn't attend church this week for the first time since before Advent--a streak I was kind of proud of. No, with Sean off in Miami enjoying the SB festivities, I am holding court solo with Matty who came down with Strep throat this weekend.

At least that has given us a good excuse to hole up for a couple of days--the little ones playing video games, watching movies and eating pudding while I get caught up on writing, reading and neglecting housework--3 of my favorite pastimes.(And eating pudding, but don't tell my O.B.) The week has been amazing with much attention and many unexpected windfalls as a result of the article. Crazy.

We're going to get in one more dose of antibiotic and head over to watch the game with friends with empanadas--another favorite pastime.

Go Colts!

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Anonymous said...

Is is McPudding?