Sunday, February 11, 2007


That was fun. Even though I can't wear my Cheap Trick hoodie for a couple of months, that purchase still made the evening worthwhile. And the Audrey Hepburn reference(as opposed to Lucille Ball whom I thought I resembled in that polka dot dress) made the exorbitant amount of money we spent on the Cheap Trick hoodie and spa pedicure well worth it.

Before Sean left for Asheville today, I made him go to the store with me and we ordered Oscar's crib. At 30 weeks, this is the first purchase I have made toward Oscar's arrival. In fact, with the exception of doctor's visits and drinking Evian by I.V., it is the first physical preparation I have made.

I joke and complain about this pregnancy thing, but truth be told, I am more than a little nervous for the actual birth and the actual Oscar. I know they are normal fears that everyone has, but, I don't know, I just get scared sometimes.

But today was nice. Ordering the crib was a big deal--both mentally and practically. And it was nice. I actually teared up right there in Babies R Us. Matty and Amy helped, and since we didn't know what color sheets to buy, Matty promised that he would go shopping while we were in the hospital so it would be ready when we got home. Then he promptly used the new crib mattress as a wrestling ring, but the good intention was there...Anyway, I am on such a roll, I might just even pre-register at the hospital tomorrow since the forms have been sitting on my desk since September.

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