Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I use the terms, "Date" and "Night" loosely here

Man, do I hate nights like yesterday's.

I don't normally have a problem sleeping--I have trouble staying awake. But last night I was up until 4:45 tossing and turning and watching horrible movies on HBO. (Casino, Michael and Smokey and the Bandit, which the baffling combination of the those three titles alone are enough to give anyone nightmares) and so today I am suffering from one of those lack of sleep headaches that makes my entire head pull to the left--presumably in search of a pillow--but I'm no doctor.

But there's work to be done, so I fight through the haze to take A-Dog to speech and then write pathetic prose before the last errand/date night before the trip. But I'm dragging.

I hope my sleeplessness has nothing to do with the fact that tonight's date night will be the first in over a year that we'll get a table for two since the Intern has quasi-officially moved out.

Luckily, much of his crap is still here to keep me company, though.

Love you, D.

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Mammakaze said...

Just don't do what my mommy friend did when she FINALLY had a date night. She POSTED a running commentary on Facebook! I kid you not. I'm thinking, shouldn't she be paying attention to her husband? And then I thought (based on my own experience) "oh, yeah, she probably forgot how to do that". Having kids will do that to you...you know... make you forget to have a relationship with your husband.