Saturday, July 11, 2009

If you've seenchapters 18-23, please send

I've spent the better part of the last 24 hours re-mourning my lost chapters.

Yesterday afternoon the Apple store called well ahead of their repair deadline to tell me that the MacBook had been freed of its Gatorade death shroud and was now working at 100%. They had restored the restorable and I could pick up my new, old, dry computer. I was very excited because not only was I finally getting back, but back well in time to take on the trip.

Yay, right?

Almost. It seems everything was restored EXCEPT the actual new document I was working on when the spillage occurred. Which just happened to be all of the new chapters. The rest of novel had been restored--but I had all of that backed-up and stored in like thirty different places. The new stuff inspired by my Palm Island sun? Nope. That is gone. Forevah.

So I've started recreating that part of the book with lackluster passion. I guess it's good that the hard part of actually coming up with the story parts is done, but trying to piece it all back together from memory just plain sucks and makes me grouchy. But I will finish this this summer if it kills me.

Which judging from our fated progress so far, just might.


familyshakinginthe fetal position said...

we didn't notice you were grouchy

JODI said...


Mix a martini, put on one of those sparkly Diva T-shirt's (the pink one) hit the key board and type away...I have faith the rewrite will be even better than the write.

Karen said...

Just another reason to go back to the island!

Anonymous said...

Girls weekend in Palm Island? I'm in!!!!!!!!