Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm grilling Acai berries to counteract my holiday weekend diet

Now that we have all of those pesky parties, parades and illegal fireworks out of the way, let's do some work, shall we?

Sounds good in theory, but I'm having a heck of a time writing anything other than campground reservation confirmation numbers and emails to friends and family warning them of our impending arrival.

I have been scoping out some fun recipe ideas on, though. Looks way fun. I test-drove a recipe for camp biscuits last night night, and while certainly easy to make, they probably should be used to put behind the back tires of the R.V. when parked rather than ingested by humans. So I need a little help in this department. Got any tried and true camp favorites? Leave a comment here and help a sister out.

We're going on a little tour of our new home on the road tonight.

That's sure to inspire some words.


Anonymous said...

I'll bite...what new home?

Camp fave for us is packets. Slap a meat patty in a packet, salt and pepper. Throw thin sliced veggies, whatever you like, on top. A pat of butter to finish. Seal in foil and just cook over the fire. Easy, marginally healthful if you use lowfat meat.

Blessings, Holly

Tracey said...

Our home on the road--the R.V.

Hobo stew! We loove hobo stew!