Friday, January 16, 2009

Speaking of redecorating...

...I wonder if I'm eligible for that $25,000 Roomadaygiveaway makeover with my new BFF Thom Filicia, because methinks I might need it after this conversation with my husband this morning as he embarks on the next home improvement project--re-painting and laying new floors in the living room and dining room. Yes, we are replacing the bordello red...

Sean: I am going for small, attainable goals. Today, I'm just going to remove the baseboards in the dining room. (And make a huge mess, and then try to burn said baseboards in the fireplace causing toxic smoke and all the fire alarms to go off on the street.)

Me: Do you think we can be all finished by the Super Bowl before your parents come for their visit?

Sean: (Shrugging shoulders.) Why? What does it matter?

(No words, just silent sobbing.)

Help me.


Anonymous said...

I know a good handy man!!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you need a week at the spa (or longer) until he's done.
In fact, a week per project might be in order ;-)