Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did someone change the calendar page while I was gone?

I think every new year should begin from beside a hotel pool under sunny skies surrounded by good friends and cold drinks. Or, if that isn't on the agenda, then freezing your ass off at Disney World surrounded by 4 million strangers and the stench of gigantic turkey legs and churros.

Long lines notwithstanding, we had a wonderful New Year's and a perfect start to 2009. We are now home, and I am unpacking and reorganizing and trying to get back into reality even though I have absolutely no desire. There are more things that probably need to be shopped, washed or cleaned, but I don't much feel like it.

Happy New Year everyone.


Carl said...

One's ass must have a low freeze-off coefficient in order to be removed with frigidity in Orlando. Life without glutes would be especially challenging down there. Besides walking, the bikini wearing throng would need suspenders on their lower garments. Tragic, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

The previous writer simply doesn't understand that after living in such tropical splendor for a few years, our blood thins and we simply can't take those little dips in the mercury like we did when we lived in the great white north.Conversely, we can withstand the summer heat for longer periods (slightly longer anyway!) Happy 2009, Diva!