Friday, January 30, 2009

Florida Winners in Generation Huggies

The Generation Huggies project that rolled into town a few months back has made its selections for the national ad campaign featuring real moms from across the country sharing their perspectives on motherhood.

Of the 30 winners, seven are from the Sunshine state! All of the winning entries can be seen on, but take special note of these Floridians:

~Amanda L.
~Carrie M.
~Jennifer E.
~LaTriece L.
~LeQuyen M.
~Maite C.
~Patricia G.

Among other candid perspective you’ll see real moms talk about what the definition of "me time" has become, what issues are forefront of our minds, and just what it is being a mom today.

I loved watching the videos individually, but I have to say that it was quite powerful to watch the entire mosaic of motherhood.

So check out all of the winners on, and thank you to all of the mothers who took part in this wonderful project.

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