Friday, January 30, 2009

Kicking off Super Bowl Weekend

I put in a solid 17 minutes of work today which includes 4 minutes of overtime, so I’m ready to start the Super weekend’s festivities.

While some of the fam actually have terribly-overpriced tickets for the game on Sunday, I am watching at home with my children, the Intern and mother in-law and anyone else who wants some empanadas and guacamole. And beer.

So tonight we'll kick things off by going to the NFL Experience and dining at the restaurant that serves hamburgers and cupcakes that I cannot remember the name of, but dream of its tasty offerings nightly. Cupcakes...

But in the mean time, I’m putting this out there: how about a little contest? Email me if you are interested in getting game squares (no cost) this Sunday, and I will email you back with your numbers. It will work like traditional squares, I'll draw the numbers randomly. We'll have prizes for each quarter plus a game winner. (And if anyone wants to donate some prizes, well, email that too.)

Happy Super Weekend!

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