Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some hodge podge of thoughts this late Thursday evening

~I miss my dog.

~I have turned in all of my assignments this month--rather proud of each for a change, but am looking forward to the time off from thinking about it. I need perspective. Desperately.

~The temperature plummeted 20 degrees from my walk from the office supply store to Old Navy. I bought lots of long sleeves and pants. And I liked it.

~And I liked buying those long pants in a decent size after spending 4 days a week at the gym. 5 next week if I want to eat pumpkin pie. Not a piece, but a pie.

~This garage sale thing will either be a brilliant stroke of genius, or a miserable failure. When Mrs. Kravitz come down and haggles with me for a broken waffle iron for a quarter, I might hit her with it, creating a Eggo-like imprint across her face.

~I miss my dog.

~For the last month, I have been in various states of argument with the phone/Internet/Cable provider. I hate them. They have rendered me Amish for days on end, and if I get one more operator lying to me about when it's going to be fixed, I might hit them with the broken waffle iron. I don't live in a Brighthouse, I live in Mennonite house.

~I need sleep. Good night.

~I sure do miss that dog.


JODI said...

Here is my book reccomendation for your family:

ten years ago when we lost our family dog I got the book for my kids.

May Cricket the Wonder Dog RIP in Dog Heaven.

Val said...

I ditto the previous post on that book. I read that book when my friend's dog died and I cried for days.

BTW, you should know -