Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do you have that in a size 42 long?

So, after backing out the expenses of the ad, signs and supplies...we made a net profit of -$15.12.

I will never do that again.

I guess perhaps I am not garage sale savvy enough to hold such an event, as I could not adequately answer this question from one customer:

Weird guy: Do you have any men's clothing?

Me: No, sorry.

W>G>: Will you have some later?

Huh? Am I supposed to expect shipments in from Milan? Or should my inventory be supplemented by raiding Sean's closet? Dude, it's a garage sale. Not a radio station. I don't take requests.

And more from the Never Say Never news files, I am attending the Hannah Montana concert tomorrow night. Yep, not taking my kids, but they are escorting me as I am "working" the show. More on that later, because I honestly don't know what that will entail except taking a whole lot of pictures and then blogging my fingers off. But hey, it'll be column/blog worthy for years...

We are packing up and heading out on Tuesday for Turkey celebrations in the north. Looking forward to it....

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