Monday, November 26, 2007

Back at it

On our last episode of As The Diva Turns Crazy, she was doing her hair to go to the Hannah Montana concert before loading the four children up into the car for a 13 hour car ride solo up north...Let's see what happens next.

You know, I love Thanksgiving. I really do. I love spending it with family. Which is why I threw those little ones into the car last Tuesday and headed to South Carolina so they could have some cousin time. And aunt, uncle, grandparent and great-grandparent time. And these are the moments that I feel like I'm doing something right and good as a mother. I said in my column that it was a cynic's day off, and maybe I should take more of those vacation days. I am glad I did, but I have to admit that it will probably be my last solo road trip for a while. I just can't do it sanely by myself anymore. I seriously can't parent very well through the rear view mirror for 13 hour stretches.

But speaking of just plain ole nice things of the maternal variety, check out this Precious Moms website when you can. There is a lot of great ideas here, and it's nice to see a parenting site with this point of view.

And while I am enjoying this first and last day of complete domesticity, non-cynical me before embarking on the Yuletide season in earnest, I will go finish the laundry, make dinner, do homework, clean up after Jingle and enjoy every non-moving mile of it.

Stay tuned for our next episode when SubDiva uploads Hannah Montana concert pictures and we finally find out if she embarrassed her children as thoroughly as she could singing "Best of Both Worlds" out of tune with 21,000 9 year olds...


VB said...

That was YOU singing off-key? Thank goodness! I thought it was me! Seriously though, it was a pretty good show and it is nice that my girls finally have a "G" rated celeb to look up to for a change.
Just out of curiosity, what part of SC do your "kin" reside in? I can say "kin" because I moved to FL from the upstate of SC about 4 years ago. I still have a lot of dear friends up that way. I know what you mean about that drive. We used to spend just about every long weekend at Disney and when we were building our house here, I could practically just point the car south and go with my eyes closed. I knew every kid-friendly, clean bathroom between here and Charleston!

Tracey said...

It was a refreshingly great show. I was really impressed, and that little girl is quite a talent.

We were in Greenville, SC, and I wish I would have sought your bathroom counsel before I left!