Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, we did it.

By all calendars, we have reached the safe week. We have made it through the shower (more on that faboo event later), we have made it through nesting, fridge stocking, ridiculously ambitious home projects, Jingle semi-training, tax season, reading, photo placement, pedicure, Easter shopping, hair highlighting and bag-packing. We have performed everything asked of us medically. We can now put bed rest to rest and move on to Operation: Evict Oscar.

You are all unwitting co-operatives in this mission. You will start by lighting candles to St. Gerard, and then sending along every wives tale, urban legend, bona fide medical fact or preposterous grandmother rambling on how to induce labor. I have been busy preparing for this delicate operation by doing laundry all day and vacuuming. Contractions are strong and present, but not regular yet. Yet. The casualty of this mission is that inducing labor for someone who planning on a c-section is so not fair, but every war has its sacrifices.

But the shower that my gracious friends threw for me was a beautiful event. Everything was perfect and the only thing left I need would be more space for all of the generous gifts. My sis came down for a few days in hopes of meeting niece or nephew #4, but instead got treated to cleaning the garage fridge and making dinners at Dream Cuizine for said fridge. (I went to Florida for my Spring Break and all I got was a case of ptomaine poisoning.)


Okay, you all have your dossiers, get busy. This baby is going to be born in March. Defeat is not an option.


T with Honey said...

Less than 24 hours before my Princess was born Honey and I went for a walk at the mall. We stopped at a chocolate store and they had free samples of their dark chocolate truffles. The shopkeeper took one look at my belly then one look at the clock. It was 30 minutes to closing so she told me to take the rest of the samples. After eating all that dark chocolate Princess started kicking up a storm and continued kicking all night long. 12 hours later I knew for sure that I was in labor.
So my recommendation is a walk and some good chocolate. :)

Anonymous said...

go here for suggestions:


Jodi said...

can I reccomend the silent birth

Tracey said...

I love chocolate cures for anything. ;)