Friday, March 16, 2007

Highlights and low lights

I know I haven't posted this week--I'm miserable company even in a blog. I can characterize the week in a series of highlights and low lights which will explain my absence from the computer.

Highlight: Doctor's appointment with news of only a 24 pound total weight gain.

Low light: Same doctor's appointment with total bullshit surgery schedule date. I am going to do the at-home version of a c-section with some pinking shears this weekend.

Highlight: I read 3 novels this week.

Low light: I had time to read 3 novels this week.

Highlight: Sean taking Tuesday off and doing an amazing amount of work around the house and with the kids. He even called the 1-800 number for the Scooter Store demanding his free scooter just to get me to laugh.

Low light: Wallpaper stripping in the next bathroom he remodeled.

Highlight: Return visit from the dog whisperers.

Low light: On said visit, one of the dog whisperer's had to look under my bed to get Jingle out from under it. I feel so utterly naked. Also, Jingle is tall enough to jump up on the couch now. We're done.

Highlight: Amy's speech is really progressing nicely. Granted, most strangers wouldn't be able to pick up what she says, but they wouldn't help but smile at her version of the word, "butterfly."

Low light: First attempts at potty training.

Highlight: Matty getting excited for baseball and going to the hockey game tonight.

Low light: Signing the permission slip for "the movie" for Stevie and having him tell me that I had better hide those Easter baskets in the trunk so Matty didn't discover "the myth that is the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy." 1/2 Highlight: He didn't mention Santa in that sentence.

Highlight: Retiring one pair of maternity jeans to the closet bag.

Low light: Because I look like this:


T with Honey said...

I think you're at the stage of pregnancy where I lived in my husband's sweatpants as long as I stayed at home. Don't those people in the clothing making business have ANY idea of how to make a pair of maternaty pants for someone over the 30 week mark?!

Jodi said...

I think your tummy looks adorable!!!...then again I am one of those people who LOVED being pregnant and thinks most pregnant women look good.

Tracey said...

T--I'm not leaving the house again until it's for the hospital because I don't have anything to wear...

Jodi--"LOVED being pregnant"...I didn't even know it was possible to arrange those words in a sentence like that.

Miserable, perhaps, but adorable, no. :(

Anonymous said...

I don't think you look that bad, You look like you are going to have a baby. Atleast you don't have to convince people that you really are as pregnant as you are, like I had to no one beleved that I was more then maybe 5 minths the week before I had her. You have also gained less weight then I did by about 10 pounds. Should I get my bellybutton repearced?