Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Work out

Guess who is going to have rock-hard thighs in a matter of mere days?

That's right, ME!

What's this amazing new workout routine you ask?

It's the "Throw The A-Dog in the Gym Kennel" workout. It's revolutionary.

I've been avoiding the playroom for Amy care for a while because she didn't take too kindly to it the last time I tried. So gym time has been limited to when I have a babysitter or when Sean and I can child-swap at night and weekends.

But no more.

Amy loved it today. Which is amazing in itself, and I might even just sit in the car for an hour reading every day just for the sheer Because-I-Can factor.

I reserved our spot for tomorrow, my thighs are burning in anticipation of it.

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