Friday, August 18, 2006

Give Generously to the Pine Nut Fund

Little Stevie Henry lives in debilitating affluence. He wears the same private school uniform every day. He eats the finest organic produce and most expensive cuts of meat. He is surrounded by hundreds of toys and all of the latest technology.

I think we can do better for little Stevie Henry. I think he and his classmates deserve air conditioning on their school bus when they go on elaborate field trips. I think they need mulch under their designer shoes on the playground. I think they have gone far too long without pine nuts on their salad bar!!

Stop these atrocities now, my friends. Please take a moment to give a humble donation to the pine nut fund by buying some measly wrapping paper so Stevie Henry can finally get iPods in the technology lab and win a "smencil" and a dress down day.

I think it is the least you can do for little Stevie Henry.

(And his brother Matty and their school code is 119147.)


Anonymous said...

A "smencil"!!! Brennah says I ONLY
have to buy 18 things for a dress down day, I'm like "I don't think so!!!!!

Tracey said...

I bet you end up buying at least 6 scented candles...