Saturday, August 05, 2006

Le Weekend

99% of my blog audience will be here tomorrow, feasting on my soon-to-be-famous ribs that take me 4 days to make. No, I'm serious, it will be a most impressive banquet, I assure you--everything is being made by scratch and with love. I may even shove a garlic press into Matty's hand today so it is a complete family affair.

The remaining 1% will have to be satisfied with a Monday morning soliloquy on the joys of leftover cornbread for breakfast and perhaps a few photos if those in attendance will sign a release.

Happy Saturday, we're going to get cooking and take in a movie.


Jodi said...

Well I guess this 1% now has to go to the store to purchase the reccomended Dijon Mustard for the corndogs I was going to pass off as a gourmet meal yet again.

Tracey said...

Get G. in the car, and you two come down here for a little girls weekend...I am quite a hostess when inspired.

Besides, it is much cooler here than in St Louis right now.