Sunday, August 13, 2006

School Eve

On this First Day of School Eve--I am chock full of all of my maternal resolutions for the upcoming year. For example, the kids will arise every morning to freshly squeezed orange juice that I picked from the tree out back when I was gathering up eggs from the stand before dawn for their breakfast. I will pack them edamame and green tea juice boxes as their snack, and something organic on whole wheat for lunch. They will come home and we will do their homework together with nary an argument nor complaint as we enrich our minds together in the midst of a sparkling clean house while something bakes lovingly in the oven. We will only watch PBS. We will go to bed at 8:30 after we've had a family liturgy.

I know, I'm high.

We'll be eating frozen dinners and sucking on pure sugar cane at midnight before Wednesday.

But a mother can dream, can't she?

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