Saturday, August 13, 2005

School hasn't started yet, and I already miss them

So what is on tap for the weekend before the first day of school, you ask (or don't)?

Well, strep throat has hit one fourth grader in the house, so I am struggling to get the pink liquid down his inflamed throat so he can have a first day on Monday. Most of the details and supplies have been taken care of, so we've just got some last minute things like haircuts--my least favorite chore for the boys.

Matty starts Kindergarten in 2 days--it just doesn't seem possible. He is so excited, and a visit to his classroom yesterday was fun. He seemed so grown-up walking in and sitting at his desk. I had a lump in my throat the whole time.

But later, things balanced again. I put all the kids in separate sleeping quarters to try and ward of transmission of the bug, when I got heard the slapping of flat feet running down the hallway a short time later. A very wide-eyed Matthew just stared at me for a minute, trembling.

"Matty, what's wrong?" I started, jumping out of bed.
"There was just a sad part on Monsters, Inc.!" And he began to cry in earnest.

He was sobbing because the little girl in the movie gets taken away from the big monster she loves.

I cried too, after that.

And, we all slept together last night, strep bug and all.

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