Monday, August 15, 2005

School Days

The First Day of School. Here are some initial impressions:

Stevie, Grade 4

*This year, fourth grade boys are eligible to try out for JV Basketball. I have now heard this statement at least 47 times since 3:05 p.m.

*His teacher, Miss E., is hot.

Matty, Kindergarten

*Drawing was the best part of the day.

*He would prefer now to be called, "Matthew." Matty is so preschool. (His teacher now has to change every laminated nametag in the room. She is hot, but for a different reason.)

Amy, Alone for the first time without her brothers

*She slept for 3 hours today because no one was waking her up.

And me, if not an empty nest, a roomy one from 8-3 everyday.

*A whole lot of closets are about to get cleaned, and I'll be spending much of that time at JV basketball, apparently.

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