Friday, April 09, 2010

Day 1 of unorthodox, yet perfectly Floridian challenge

You may think that just because we live in Florida--an hour's drive from the country's premiere theme parks--means that we are in Orlando every weekend.

Not really... just every other.

This week to kick off our Out There challenge, we went to Disney World for the day. Granted, I'm not sure this is what my friends at the NWF headquarters had in mind, but we did spend a great deal of time outside together yesterday. Here are my Twitter updates to prove it:

That 4-7 minute number I told you about earlier? We crushed that number just setting up the stroller alone.

We saw native wildlife.

We traveled to different climes.

We talked to the animals.

We went horseback riding.

We went to the mountains. (Splash, Space and Thunder.) And the sea. (Small World and the Pirates of the Caribbean.)

And while this outside may have also had a few plastic trees and animals of the animatronic variety, I did spend twelve hours with my favorite people in the beautiful spring sunshine.

We live in Florida, and that's how we roll.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Yeah, if we lived in Florida, that's how we would roll, too. Sounds like a great day - thanks for sharing!

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Please don't tell my daughter that part of being a Be Out There family includes a Disney option! She'd ask why we can't go THIS year.

All that matters is getting fresh air and spending time with the family. Sounds like you had a great start to the week!

Mom on Mars said...

*snort* Sounds like you had a blast! Can't wait for Day 2. Hope it went better than mine!